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Forsterite Necklace

Forsterite Necklace

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- Forsterite

- Tourmaline

- Rainbow Fluorite

- Sandalwood

- Leather

Forsterite -  has the meaning and properties to enhance the achievement of things. It is gemstone to achieve what you said once to the and. It prevents things from ending halfway. it is also recommended when you need a strong will. 

Tourmaline  -  has meaning and properties of filling energy to its owner. The electric energy inside would fill up lacked energy. Please use it when you need to have strong mentality. It is a gemstone that can let you perform your best at an important situation. 

Rainbow Fluorite  -  has the meaning and properties to make thinking positive. It is a gemstone to help to enhance the daily happiness feeling. It will change from "unhappy constitution" to "lucky constitution". Also it is useful when you want positive flow. 

Sandalwood  -  has a meaning and properties of making your mind calm. it is a sacred item has been used in temples and shines. This item can make you relax deeply and balance your feelings. By purifying your negative energy and make you feel more positive. It is good to use when you want a hope for the future. 


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