We at U.G.L.Y believe that beauty is wholly subjective, and we refuse to recognise the age or gender limits that society perceives and tries to impose on us all. We are content to leave others to their misguided interpretation of perfection, for us, most important of all, U Gotta Love Yourself.

   Established in 2013 and based in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, U.G.L.Y-studio blends avant-garde high fashion with contemporary and provocative street style designs. The brand’s first collection was presented at the “Be Next” show at Paris Fashion Week 2014 and was sold out at the ‘Art Georgia’ Paris showroom and we have not looked back since.

    The latest U.G.L.Y-studio collection stands out for its adherence to smart couture and conceptual cuts, leaning heavily on a variety of different textures to achieve a complex and sophisticated pallet of black shading.  

    Nani Koberidze is U.G.L.Y.-studio’s founder and head designer and has over 15 year’s experience in the fashion industry, both designing and manufacturing clothes and accessories. Nani’s Initial knowledge and understanding came from her mother, who worked in various fashion houses in Sukhumi, Georgia as a designer-constructor and now, together they work to design and create collections at the Tbilisi studio. Each individual piece is hand cut and hand crafted, creating unique clothes which stand out for their stitching and intricacy which complement the sophistication of the designs themselves.

      When I first created the U.G.L.Y brand in 2013, my aim was to introduce conceptual clothing to consumers – the concept of  "Black"-style was quite radical back in those early years.

    My first full collection was fully sold by the "ART GEORGIA" Paris showroom.  My priority is put on wearable and conceptual  styles, natural fabrics and quality prints. 

Since 2013 year U.G.L.Y-studio has been created  and showing its winter and summer collections. These have been presented at foreign fashion weeks, expos and showrooms.